Why Hola CBD is redefining health

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Being healthy means something different for everyone and standards tend to vary, but one thing we’re all sure of: all-natural alternatives are here to stay.

Hola CBD is a relatively new, quite disruptive, broad spectrum CBD brand launched in the US in May of 2020. With a constant educational campaign on preventive health and the sustainability of hemp, the fact that we’re all responsible for our wellbeing in the ways we eat, exercise, and most importantly… the ways we consume, is not only more tangible every day, but also a necessary understanding for change.

Here’s how health should look like in 2020:

Here’s how health should look like in 2020:

Support Local: all Hola CBD products are made in the USA with top-quality organic hemp from farms in NY, Colorado and California, carefully under legal standards on THC percentages in America.

Choose Vegan: our Cannabinoid-rich Hemp Oil Extract Gummies are as vegan as they can get. Without an emphasis on cruelty (which we love talking about), a meat-free future is the only future when it comes to Climate solutions.

Organic, always: the toxicity of chemical-packed medicine has never been more discussed. Hemp products can be some of the most tricky to produce, as chemicals used normally in agriculture can easily damage cannabis plants. That is why choosing organic for your all-natural alternative (whatever it is) makes a huge difference when it comes to Purity & Quality, one of the brand’s most used mottoes.

Purity & Quality: Hola CBD not only delivers top quality, but is committed to educating people on the importance of purity in CBD products – no matter which brand you choose. One of their main tips is to look for public third-party lab test results like the ones published on their website, before making your purchase. What would the world look like if everyone had to have and publish those?