Taking a healthy break involves more than just pausing 5 minutes after lunch or taking a nap. A healthy break means really evaluating one’s habits in terms of how they affect our overall health and our environment. We know that sometimes it may seem difficult to do, and the constant hustle of this modern life has problematic consequences directly related to health, like that thing we call “stress” that leads to more serious issues like poor brain performance, anxiety, exhaustion, mood imbalances, and even major chronic conditions.

 Taking a healthy break is a real need that requires attention and dedication; it means really taking care of ourselves and our surroundings. But how can we break out of the system? Don’t worry, we’re experts in self-care and natural habits, and we’ve collected some of our favorite pieces of advice to help you get the healthy break you are looking for.


Eating, exercising, and sleeping. All of these are absolutely vital to keep a healthy lifestyle. Eating habits involve everything from choosing what we eat to the amounts of intake and eating schedules. Have you ever wondered why you eat what you eat? Sometimes we react to situations of stress and look for immediate relief in unhealthy snacks, but this is not the best choice in the long run. Looking for the advice of a professional will help you get to know your body, its specific needs, and how to act accordingly. 

What about exercise? Exercise will not only make you feel great, energized and strong, it will also help your brain get enough oxygen and produce happy, relaxing substances to balance your mood, appetite, wake-sleep cycles, and therefore boost your immune system to optimal functioning. 

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Sleeping performs a similar role: having a regular sleep schedule is vital for the body to perform restoring functions from head to toe. Proper sleep habits include getting no less than 7 hours of sleep a day, going to bed at the same time every night, turning off your devices at least one hour before bed, and even bedtime rituals like relaxing music or a hot, soothing bath. Remember that every small decision related to your health counts.

2. think positive

Science has proven that a positive mindset can affect your health in different ways. Positive thinking doesn’t mean ignoring life’s challenges; on the contrary, a positive mindset will get you to meet those challenges better and more effectively. And it’s alright to feel tired or sad once in a while, changing states of mind are part of our nature  and there’s no such thing as negative emotions. What’s really important to keep in mind is that the best way to tackle difficult situations in life is to carry a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been proven that living healthy and smart stress management will yield great benefits for your body: it will protect your heart, improve your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, and increase your lifespan. What else can you ask for? 

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3. Try CBD

There will always exist external factors like work pressure, relationships, or special conditions that can still affect us even when leading a healthy life. However, eating well, exercising, sleeping properly, and thinking positively are major tools you can use to take care of yourself. But they’re not the only ones: a healthy life can (and should) also include healthy snacks such as vegan gummies to boost your day and make you happy.

What can be considered a healthy snack? A great alternative to soothe your day is hemp oil extracts, and Hola CBD Vegan Gummies are one of our favorite all-natural, organic, flavory treats. Experts have found that CBD is loaded with a range of natural and safe benefits, including soothing relaxation and brain function boosting (Bruni et al., 2018). Users of CBD have reported feeling relief from stress, pain, and other conditions that may affect overall health after incorporating it into their daily routine. 

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As mentioned before, one main thing to do when striving for optimal health is to carefully choose everything we take into our body. It’s widely known that the animal industry has had negative consequences on a worldwide scale regarding environmental and health matters. This is a reality and we have the power to make a difference.

Even if you’re not vegan, choosing vegan, organic products is a great way to help yourself and our environment. Try to always look for chemical-free, cruelty-free, all-natural products and your body will be healthy, happy, and thankful.

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Being healthy means something different for everyone and standards tend to vary, but one thing we’re all sure of: all-natural alternatives are here to stay.


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Bruni, N., Della Pepa, C., Oliaro-Bosso, S., Pessione, E., Gastaldi, D., & Dosio, F. (2018). Cannabinoid Delivery Systems for Pain and Inflammation Treatment. Retrieved 28 September 2020, from https://www.mdpi.com/1420-3049/23/10/2478/htm