What you didn’t know about hemp and how it can help preserve our environment

Hemp is a versatile natural resource that has been underutilized and could be better used in everyday life. Besides its medicinal properties which are the most commonly known, there are many other ways in which it could generate a positive impact in our environment and make our living more sustainable.

Here are some amazing facts about hemp and the ways it can help us take care of our planet:


Hemp is the first producer of biomass per acre in the world. When grown for the production of biomass fuels, it can cover all of our gas, oil and coal energy needs.

Besides, biomass fuels offer a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. No sulphur oxides are produced and no net CO2 is released to the atmosphere.


Until the late 1800’s, 75-90% of all paper was made with hemp fiber. Nowadays it could replace 40-70% of all tree pulp paper, including boxes and paper bags.

By utilizing hemp pulp for paper, we could stop deforestation and produce stronger, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly paper. An acre of hemp will produce as much pulp for paper as 4,1 acres of trees over a 20 year period.

Moreover, existing paper mills would need only minimum adjustments in order to switch from wood to hemp pulp. Also, hemp paper can be recycled 7 to 8 times; wood pulp paper, only 3.

Natural fiber:

Hemp produces the strongest, most durable natural soft-fiber known to exist. Until the 1820's, up to 80% of all textiles, canvases, linens and cordage were made mainly from hemp. Because of its characteristics, hemp crops are 2 to 3 times more productive than those of cotton.

Hemp cloth is also warmer and more absorbent than cotton. It breathes and is recyclable as well, unlike petroleum-based synthetic fibers.


A fully mature hemp plant may contain up to half of its dry-weight in oily, succulent seeds. Hemp seed oil is second only to whale oils in its quality and produces no sulphur-based pollutants when heated.

Once oil has been extracted, the remaining seed material follows the soya bean in protein and nutritional content.

Surprised? These are only a few of the benefits of replacing fuel, paper, fiber and oil material with a natural, more productive, and sustainable resource: hemp!

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