For a long period of time, everything related to the use and benefits of cannabis felt like a dangerous secret. The criminalization and stigma, the labeling of cannabis as a “gateway drug”, and the widespread misinformation of its effects inevitably gave the plant a bad rep. However, after plenty of research and real testimonies that proved how useful it can be when dealing with a variety of diseases and ailments, cannabis has become a topic of interest for everybody. Now, the question is: where do I start? We answered for you some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD to help you make the most informed choice when purchasing CBD products.

What is this “endocannabinoid system” I keep hearing about? How does CBD interact with it?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex signal network all mammals have. It is composed of neurotransmitters called “endocannabinoids” that interact with cannabinoid receptors. The receptors are located throughout all of the central and peripheral nervous systems and control diverse physiological functions such as:

+ Pain perception
+ Soreness
+ Learning
+ Remembrance
+ Emotion, humor, and appetite control

The receptors can be activated with the endocannabinoids produced by the cells of the human body, but also with phyto-cannabinoids or plant-derived cannabinoids such as CBD or THC. Thus human bodies are highly compatible with these substances and experience incredible natural benefits with little or no side effects after consumption.

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