From dreamy bath bombs to top culinary techniques, CBD can be found in so many unimaginable ways since 2018... and for very good reasons. Depending on where you live (yes, it’s still not legal everywhere in the world) you can see it starring in a high-end health store shelf as a natural relief for pain, inflammation and of course: anxiety.

Let’s face it, we’re all a bit too anxious these days and the importance of choosing all-natural, plant based solutions is growing in popularity as we try to become healthier and more conscious consumers at the same time. But, what’s the best -very best- way to make CBD a part of your lifestyle?

Maxwell Reis was one of the first to create CBD cocktails, introducing them in the menu of Gracias Madre, the hot vegan- Mexican restaurant in San Francisco and West Hollywood. He points out that while it affects everyone differently, most CBD brands recommend starting with 25 mg and increasing or decreasing each dose from there. Reis also believes the flavour of cannabis is “distinct and unique”, a great and exciting reason to play with it and use it to enhance flavours with similar qualities like hops, basil, mint, and matcha, “or just impart a unique flavour to any cocktail that could use some vegetal nuance”.

¿Don’t love the taste? millennial CBD heaven has your back, literally. There’s just about nothing better than a warming, soothing CBD rub to relieve back and neck pain. Bath bombs and extra-hydrating oils can also be extremely soothing after a long day of work. “CBD bath bombs are my number one choice after a long shoot” states Jesus Palencia, Vogue and GQ’s top makeup artist. “It does make me way less anxious and I’d totally be willing to also try its anti-inflammatory properties in my skin care routine”.

Apparently there’s a way to try it for every taste and preference, and without a doubt, it’s a now two-year trend going stronger and here to stay. According to cannabis research firm, Brightfield Group, the pet CBD Market alone grew 946% from 2018 to 2019, and it might be just about time to jump in and find out what all the fuss is about with your own tailor-made experience.

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