On Delivery Systems & Absorption 

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Want to make the most of Hola? Here’s how:

Today we’re sharing a list of Hola CBD delivery systems that vary according to their bioavailability, which refers to how readily CBD is absorbed by the body in its different presentations. Before we start, one main thing to consider when choosing a product is quality and purity: it’s vital to ensure that the product of your choice is safe and has been lab-tested by a third party, which is why we made another article on that specific matter. 

There are other two important characteristics to help ensure optimal absorption: products should be broad-spectrum and organic, but why? Products made with broad-spectrum oil offer a broader scope of benefits than, for example, isolated CBD. Research shows that when combined, cannabinoids work better thanks to something called “entourage effect” (Russo, 2011). Broad-spectrum oils are also less processed and keep other organic compounds found in the cannabis plant like terpenes and other substances that carry benefits of their own.  

Besides being broad-spectrum, all Hola products are made with U.S. grown cannabis; they’re organic and 100% free from pesticides and other chemicals thanks to agricultural regulations in the United States. This makes them safe, healthy and environmentally friendly!

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to know what product suits you, but don’t worry! We’ll give you information that will help you choose best.

All Hola products are made with U.S. grown cannabis; they’re organic and 100% free from pesticides and other chemicals.

Every experience is unique. There’s no one best option, try several alternatives to see what works for you.


Edibles come in many attractive and also discreet presentations like softgels and gummies. Edibles, however, are subject to the “first pass effect” (Bruni et al., 2018): CBD goes through the digestive tract which makes it take longer to kick in. However, edibles are the most fun and tasty options you’ll find.


Topicals, like salves and ointments, are a great option that has been used to address localized conditions like pain and inflammation (Bruni et al., 2018), as well as joint swelling (Hammel et al., 2015). Their concentration of active substances are designed to be absorbed directly by the skin and they act only in the particular area where it’s applied. So if you’re not looking for an overall relaxing effect but rather want to address a specific area of your body this may be the one you’re looking for.

Sublingual products

In the case of sublingual products, like tinctures, compounds are preserved because they do not have to go through digestion. With sublingual options absorption is way faster (this is the fastest delivery system) because it goes directly into our bloodstream, and it’s a great option for those seeking a quicker effect. 

It’s important to remember that all bodies react differently and every experience is unique. There’s no one best option, so you may try several options to see what works for you. 

Finally, remember to talk to your physician before making a choice if you’re pregnant, nursing or have a specific condition and are under treatment.


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