Hola’s Favorite Tips to Make the Most Out of CBD

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Important considerations that will help you make the right choice.

It’s true that most people can quickly feel the benefits of including CBD on their daily routine, but it may not be the case for all. Some people may be wondering why they’re not getting such amazing outcomes. If you’re among the latter, don’t give up! Here are some possible factors you may want to consider:

1. Delivery System

Delivery systems vary regarding their bioavailability, which is the way in which the body absorbs CBD. The most common forms of CBD you’ll find are tinctures, topical creams, softgels, edibles, and vape oils. We’ll illustrate the differences between some of them in the following paragraph.

In the case of tinctures taken sublingually, for example, effects are likely to be faster and more intense since it’s a direct way of getting CBD in your bloodstream. On the other hand, if edibles are your choice, the experience may be more enjoyable but it might take longer to have an effect: they’ll have to go through your digestive tract before absorption. In the case of topicals, you’ll get local (but not general) relief: they will treat only the area where it’s applied and is commonly used for skin and muscle ailments.

Absorption varies according to each delivery system

2. The build up

Different bodies may react differently to one same substance. This means that you could need more time as compared to others for CBD to build up in your system. The process is sometimes frustrating, but know that some people take weeks before properly assimilating CBD. Just don’t lose faith, it’s absolutely worth it!

To build CBD up in your system, a good piece of advice would be to progressively increase your daily intake until you find the right dosage. Also, keep a diary to track your progress. Keep in mind that you may have built up a tolerance; in this case, take some days off before going back to your regular routine.

3. Patience

Instant, immediate relief is uncommon. It’s very likely that you need more time (sometimes several weeks) before getting the whole spectrum of CBD’s benefits. Commit, be patient, keep the track, and try different delivery systems!

Commit, be patient, keep track, and try different delivery systems

4. The Source

Since CBD is a relatively new product, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t yet issued fix official regulations on its production. This is a great opportunity for scammers to sell low-quality articles without the risk of being banned. 

How do they do this? Generally, what happens is products are not accurately labeled and show false information on the amount and origin of CBD. Research has shown that only 31% of products actually contain the advertised amount of CBD as well as other components.

But how can I avoid being subject to scammers’ traps? We recommend you to ask for third party lab tests, to read consumers reviews, and to choose a product from widely recognized brands.

Extra factor: Genetics

As we said before, not all bodies work in the same way. Factors that affect how efficiently CBD is absorbed and processed depend on each individual’s metabolism, biochemistry, and genetics. In this regard, research has shown that 20% of Americans may naturally produce more endocannabinoids than the rest. If you’re one of them, you may find CBD’s effects on you are a bit milder than on other regular users.

Finally, before starting a new relationship with CBD, we advise you to make a deep research on the product of your choice and on yourself. Consider different options with your physician to find the one that best fits you. This is especially important for those who are under other medical treatments and want to address a chronic condition.