HEMP: awesome environmental facts part 2

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Ready for the second part? In our first article we talked about hemp’s environmental benefits regarding fuel, paper, natural fiber, and oil. Now we’d like to share some of the agricultural benefits of hemp, a natural resource full of possibilities to help make our world a better and healthier place.


Hemp crops are adaptable and work very well in rotation with corn and bean crops. One of the main reasons is hemp’s short growing season, which ranges from 90 to 110 days. This fact makes hemp highly productive: an acre of land will produce 2 to 3 times as much fiber as cotton (“Environmental Benefits of Hemp”, 1996).

Moreover, these crops are very resistant to UV radiation and drought, and should not suffer a decrease in their yields. This is not the case for soya bean and corn which are more delicate crops (“Environmental Benefits of Hemp”, 1996).

Hemp’s short growing season (90-110 days) makes it highly productive.


Besides being productive and highly adaptable, hemp is also easy on the soil. A report cited on “Environmental Benefits of Hemp”, 1996, states that hemp was grown on the same land for 14 consecutive years without reduction in yield or soil depletion! 

Hemp has a deep root system with a main tap root that may reach up to 1ft. In length. This root is responsible for absorbing nutrients from the soil and then making them available to subsequent crops (up to 60%). This root system not only is in charge of feeding both plants and soil, it also helps alleviate soil compaction.


Hemp has a deep root system responsible for absorbing nutrients and making them available to subsequent crops.


Last but not least, hemp is such a noble gift of nature that it requires virtually no herbicide, fungicide or insecticide applications. Besides being economical, it’s environmentally friendly and safe to use in any of its forms.

In short: hemp is highly productive, resistant, adaptable, nutritive and environmentally friendly! Choose hemp and make our world a healthier place.