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EnjoyHolaCBD obtains Lease of Domain

Hola CBD, a leading hemp products brand, is pleased to announce the acquisition of, a popular travel review blog. The domain previously played host to descriptions of cruise lines, resorts, and restaurants from around the world.

The purchase was completed with the intention of increasing awareness of the Hola CBD line while also educating people on the power of the hemp plant - both physically and economically. The plant is becoming more and more popular with many people wondering how it works and what it can do for them.


Hola CBD secured after discovering a need to reach even more of an audience. The signing of the Farm Bill in 2018 effectively legalized hemp cultivation and production, unleashing a flood of interest into CBD in particular. Private label CBD brands and white label CBD makers began sprouting up like toadstools, launching a so-called “green rush.” CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an active ingredient in the hemp plant, entering the body through the endocannabinoid system. The compound, while not psychoactive, does appear to have a multitude of benefits for both humans and animals. Hola CBD wanted visitors to to understand just how transformative hemp could be for our society as a whole.


The move also comes in conjunction with the launch of wholesale hand sanitizer products within the CBD space. The coronavirus pandemic has led to shortages of bulk hand sanitizers, leaving many retailers with empty shelves due to epic supply chain delays. Wholesale CBD companies often have the ingredients on hand to make wholesale hand sanitizer, due in part to the extraction process when tinctures are made. With so many citizens needing this crucial tool, it made perfect sense for the CBD wholesale firms to begin production. Hola CBD is glad to share this exciting information with fans of in the hopes they will be able to access this bulk hand sanitizer with a simple click of the mouse.


Acquiring was part of Hola CBD’s far-reaching goal of providing accurate information on hemp to the masses. While not a cure-all, the plant does have the potential to ease many modern ailments. Studies are underway on this powerful compound, and as new discoveries are made, Hola CBD will be at the forefront, passing along the data to visitors to the domain. New products will also be debuted, and customers here will be among the first to know.



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