Chris Lavish: The Power of Individuality

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From London, Milan and Paris to our blog, Chris Lavish talked to our content creators about style, his personal CBD experience, and the environment. Read more for his take on individuality and best life advice.

When did you know/feel for the first time what you wanted to do in life?

“I always knew that what you put on and in your body will affect your mood and productivity so I wanted to dive deeper into that. Due to this I ended up majoring in fashion and minoring in health, I always had a passion for achieving a better version of myself. Also being nominated best dressed in my high school yearbook solidified my decision to pursue a fashion career”.

London, NY, Paris, Milan, what’s a favorite Fashion Week anecdote of your career? 

“NY fashion week was the beginning step in what would push my motivation every day and make me follow my dreams. It was in Paris where falling in love with the style and city that made me realize I wouldn’t want to do anything else. After my first Paris Fashion Week it was pretty much a signed and sealed deal”. 

How do you think our generation is changing the fashion industry?

“Yes, I completely see a change in the industry over the past few years but as we all know fashions fade away but the style in which you handle your life is eternal. 

Sustainability has become a huge type of fashion now which is what we needed due to everything we were doing with the environment”.

“The only rule in fashion is to be you because no one can copy that”.

Following trends vs. Creating your own style, what’s your advice on individuality?

“It’s best to wear what you feel most comfortable in, and never try to dress in something that’s not you. It’s very evident when you see people wearing something they don’t like or have a stylist that doesn’t really understand them, and now they’re on the streets looking awkward. The only rule in fashion is to be you because no one can copy that”. 

What’s your CBD experience so far?

“CBD has become part of my diet and daily routine to teach people of its benefits. It has helped a lot of my family members including my mother with her knee pains. I really got into once I realized it helped me recover faster from my gym workouts. People of all ages can take it and it helps lower anxiety which almost everyone has at some point during the day. That’s why my tagline is CBD TO THE PEOPLE 

“Make a life for yourself that you want to remember not one you want to forget”.

What’s your favorite thing about Hola CBD?

“I really enjoy the Organic Vegan Gummies which I take every night before I go to sleep. The gummies accompanied with 1 full dropper from the 1000mg Tincture really helps me have a deeper sleep. In addition the packaging and logo is very welcoming and playful which is how CBD should make you feel. Tip for life: Pick a mood you want to have and don’t let anyone or anything change it”.

What’s your final advice for those who look up to you and would like to follow your steps?

“The best advice I can give someone is to be ready to take lots of turns and detours when it comes to your goals. Life will never go as planned but as long as you’re going you’ll be alright. I always said make a life for yourself that you want to remember not one you want to forget. If it’s creating amazing memories then you’re on the right path”.