CBD-elicious! Get your day started with our CBD Berry Strawberry Smoothie

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The nutritional power of smoothies is undeniable and adding CBD to your morning smoothie can add even more benefits while still being as tasty as ever!

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh, quick smoothie in the morning? Besides being delicious and versatile, smoothies are one simple, super-easy-to-make drink packed with some serious health benefits! Now, imagine adding a little power boost to keep you going for the rest of the day while also tasting CBD-elicious

It does not matter if you’re a green juice fan or more of a chocolate-banana kind of person, CBD is one ingredient you can add to any type of smoothie. However, since fruit smoothies (with the right ingredients) can both nourish your body while also satisfying your sweet tooth, we decided to bring you our favorite recipe to start the day: The CBD Berry Strawberry Smoothie.

CBD is one ingredient you can add to any type of smoothie.


Now, grab your blender!

No more snoozing, get your CBD smoothie glow on 

  • Place all the ingredients in your high-powered blender in the following order:  strawberries, berries, almond milk, yogurt, and cinnamon. Blend until smooth.
  • If you’d like a thinner smoothie, add a bit more milk. For a thicker smoothie, add a couple of handfuls of ice. 
  • Enjoy immediately or place in a jar and refrigerate for a few hours!

 Requiring only five minutes and minimal ingredients, most of which most of us already have in our fridge, this smoothie will leave you feeling fabulous about the day ahead thanks to all the antioxidants and fiber benefits from berries and strawberries, as well as the extra nutritional benefits from CBD! So, no more snoozing, get your CBD smoothie glow on and have an awesome day.


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