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CBN: What exactly is it?


We’re pretty familiar with the proven health-benefits of CBD and it’s groovier buddy, THC. But what exactly is CBN (Cannabinol) and what is it good for? Let’s start from the beginning. 



There are many cannabinoids in cannabis and CBN happens to be another one of them. It’s produced when THC is exposed to heat or oxygen, in an oxidation process that basically turns it into CBN as the plant ages. Research suggests that CBN + cannabis terpenes (other active chemical in the plant), in small 5mg doses, can be a powerful sedative used as a natural sleep aid and substitute for Diazepam® and similar pharmaceutical options, mainly because of its indica-variant like qualities. 

Though it does have sedative properties, it is both not psychoactive and non-intoxicating, and its main benefits are being currently explored in a few interesting studies. One of them, tested CBN on strains of bacteria resistant to common antibiotics, and found it to be an effective and even potent antibacterial agent. 

Another study found it to be an appetite stimulant and a potent anti-inflammatory agent capable of helping rheumatoid arthritis patients. In rodent trials, CBN was not only able to reduce inflammation, but also arthritis, which also represents a great opportunity for further research and consideration. 


Because non-psychoactive cannabinoids are a safe, natural option to chemical-packed solutions, personal experience plus your doctor’s opinion can have the final say on what works for you or not, as further research in a relatively new, possibility- rich field develops. 


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