Author: Carlos Espino

CBN: History & Future

Even though CBN is less known than other more popular cannabinoids, it happens to be the first one to have been found isolated. Research has shown why CBN has been used since ancient times: it has proven to effectively address conditions related to our immune system as well as our central nervous system.

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CBN Basics: What is it? How does it work?

CBN has quickly earned a place of interest in the field of health and wellness. It enhances our immune and nervous systems functions and has yielded promising results in treating diverse conditions such as pain, bacterial infections, epilepsy, psoriasis, immune deficiencies and sleep deprivation.

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A Closer Look at CBN: The Molecule

CBN is a minor cannabinoid resulting from THC’s natural decomposition process; however, it’s considered a non-psychoactive substance. CBN binds better to CB2 receptors which are related to immune functions. Research shows that our endocannabinoid system regulates pain perception, learning, memory, feeding, attention, emotions, sleep, and dream activity, all of which are positively affected by CBN.

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